Transformation Stats – Scott Willis


Transformation Stats – Scott Willis

Member Since: October 2014

  • Age: 31
  • Deadlift: 415#
  • Back Squat: 335#
  • Strict Press: 205#
  • Grace (30 C&J For Time 135#): 1:46
  • Favorite Food: Diesel fuel aka steak

Top 3 Learned Tips & Skills

Bluprint has taught me –

1) Proper Form – The last regimented lifting routine I was a part of was high school football/ wrestling and I thought heavy weight was all that mattered. First and foremost Bluprint has taught me that form is above all the most important part of this weight lifting game. Holding yourself accountable and doing the lift correctly is the most important part, not how much weight you can lift. When lifting properly you see the results you want, progress is made, and you don’t get hurt!

2) Discipline – do things correctly, do them consistently, and you will see results.

3) Olympic lifting in general. Upon starting I had no clue how to properly snatch, clean and jerk, deadlift, etc. My eyes were opened and I love it!

Personal Transformation Description

After moving to the city and working a “real job” for some time, I noticed that I was starting to sort of lose my athletic edge. Being a competitive athlete for most of my life, and then jumping into the corporate world, I needed a way to channel that competitive attitude and that’s when I stumbled upon Bluprint. At first, I didn’t think CrossFit would be for me but soon found the stereotypes at Bluprint were completely wrong. Bluprint gives me daily dose of the athletic training I was searching for. Every day I can go into the gym and not only learn a new skill or lift, but also compete against others or against myself. Whatever happens at work each day is soon forgotten and I find myself pushing my body to the limits. Bluprint has taught me a lot – much beyond just lifting. Healthy eating, healthy lifestyle, positivity, healthy atmosphere are just a few things that are preached daily and I’ll tell you it follows you everywhere you go outside the gym.

Its more then a gym, it’s a lifestyle and if you put your money where your mouth is you will see real life results in all facets of your life! I sure did and still am!


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