Transformation Stats – Jose Vazquez


Transformation Stats – Jose Vazquez

Member Since: November 2015

  • Age: 27
  • Body Fat % Dropped: 4.51% (16.75% to 12.24%)
  • Lean Muscle Gained: 4.43 lbs.
  • Deadlift: 350#
  • Clean & Jerk: 185#
  • 1-Mile Run: 6:49
  • Murph: 43:48 (Unvested)
  • Favorite Food: Pizza or Tacos

Top 3 Skills Gained

  • Consistency – Whether it’s diet, training, or anything else you’re seeking to improve upon, consistency is the key. The funny thing is that I thought I was consistent – it felt like I ate pretty good food and got a fair amount of exercise. The reality was that I was one of those guys that would train at big box gyms pretty regularly for a few months and then take a month off or eat clean Monday through Thursday and then binge drink until the following week. It never even occurred to me that the 3 days that I would “cheat” accounted for over 40% of each week. I found the results I was looking for when I starting to consistently align my behaviors with my goals.
  • The Value of a Good Coach – When I first stepped foot into Bluprint I expected that the coaches were basically there to program the workouts and motivate you as you worked out. Yes, the programming is great, and they will push you to move. However, they do so much more. Because of the coaching I’ve received, I’ve been able to develop strength and skills at a rate and magnitude that would have been impossible on my own. They are always there to help whenever I have any health and fitness related questions. I don’t think I would have been able to dial in my diet without their advice. Most importantly, they’ve always been there to make sure I don’t seriously injure myself.
  • Legs – Whenever I would workout in the past I would avoid working legs. I hated squatting. My routine was basically doing curls in front of the mirror until someone gave up the bench so that I could start bench pressing. Fast forward to today and pretty much every day is “leg day”. I’ve come to realize that your legs not only account for half your body, but they’re also the foundation for pretty much every strength based movement you do.

Personal Transformation Description 

Prior to joining Bluprint, I thought CrossFit was dumb. I was training at a Mixed Martial Arts gym and loved it. The problem was that I stopped being consistent. I got injured, and while I was recovering, found a new job and moved to a new apartment. When I recovered, I had a lot of trouble finding time to hit the mat. When I did train, I realized that I had lost all of my conditioning. I couldn’t do the things I was able to do prior to getting injured, and I couldn’t get on the mat regularly enough to build myself back up.

After a couple of months of not training at all, I realized I needed a change. I had very little energy and my waistline kept growing. Bluprint was the top gym that popped up when I searched for gyms in my area. I was pretty skeptical. My only experiences with CrossFit were of all the “CrossFail” videos I’d seen and the hoards of online gym-bros proclaiming how dangerous CrossFit was or how kipping pull-ups weren’t “real” pull-ups. Since my main form of exercise was walking to and from the Starbucks in my office building, I pushed my skepticism aside and stopped into Bluprint to see what this CrossFit thing was really about.

Since joining Bluprint I can honestly say I’ve become a better version of myself. Physically, I’m stronger, faster, and look better in front of the mirror. The confidence gained from having a strong body has helped me excel in pretty much every other aspect of my life. I’m no longer lethargic throughout the day, which has helped me become more productive at work. I also have a more positive attitude, which has benefited me socially – meeting loads of great people creating memories that I’ll have for the rest of my life.