Tracking Progress


Tracking Progress

“What gets measured gets managed.” – Peter Drucker

At Bluprint Fitness, we help busy professionals reach health & fitness goals without giving up all the fun stuff. And over the years, we’ve developed one of the most results-driven programs the fitness industry has to offer. 

But how do we know it’s working?

The cool part about the human body is that it always tells the truth. You can count on your body to give you exactly what you give to it and there are infinite ways to track your progress. To us, it’s important that we track progress in a few different ways that have a strong correlation to athlete happiness and a sense of accomplishment. Check out these categories below.

DISCLAIMER: While it’s important to track the below on a regular basis, there must be enough time between tests to get an accurate assessment of your health & fitness routine. Testing every 4-8 weeks seems to be the sweet spot. This duration allows for enough time for a program to influence your data points AND keep the athlete head from getting overly obsessed with the numbers.  

Performance Based

Stronger, faster, more conditioned – aka fitter. Those are the main performance goals within the Bluprint Fitness model and these data points are created by a “test/retest” structure of certain benchmark exercises and workouts. Athletes are constantly challenged to beat their old selves in this structure and it creates a healthy level of competition with oneself.  Check out some of our favorite tests below.

  • Max Push-Ups
  • Max Back Squat 
  • 7-Min Burpee Test
  • 1-Mile Run Test
  • Murph (CF Hero WOD)

Body Composition

Less body fat, more lean muscle – aka toned. Those are the main body composition goals within the Bluprint Fitness model and these data points are created by a “test/retest” structure of certain measurement tools. These tools show an overall picture of body composition and can be used together or by themselves to help track progress. Check out some of our favorite tests below.

  • Body Fat Test: while there are various ways to take a body fat test, the most accessible is a 7-Site Skinfold test with a set of calipers
  • Before/After Photos: these work as a form of progress pics (front/side/back).
  • Girth Measurements: you may have goals of decreasing your waist size, increasing your butt size ?, or increasing your arm size ?. All of these can be measured with a standard measuring tape to track progress.

Health Markers

Performance measures cover what we can do, body composition measures cover what we can see, health markers cover what we cannot see. Think of these as the common “measures of health” you’d find at a Doctor’s office. In this sector, the goals within the Bluprint Fitness model is to improve these health markers. Check out some of our favorites below.

  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart Rate
  • Cholesterol
  • Sleep Quality
  • Fasting Insulin Level


Decide which data points are most important to you and create a testing schedule that you can manage. Happy training!

Coach Byron