Top 10 Takeaways – USA Weightlifting Seminar


Top 10 Takeaways – USA Weightlifting Seminar

I’ve been putting off getting a weightlifting certification for a while now because for lack of a better term…

I’m a book whore.
I read A LOT!


Well, because I love to learn.
But as a coach, learning must precede a process to teach and breed RESULTS!

My philosophy on coaching & programming has always followed the same process.

First learn → test on myself → test on others → gather/analyze the results → keep the good and discard the bad.

With this being said, there is always something to learn with interaction with other coaches who have tested just as much as me with a different population.

So this weekend, I attended the USA Weightlifting Certification and put together my TOP 10 Takeaways. Below is this list in no particular order.



1. The Little Things Make a Big Difference

2. Technique Should be the Focal Point of ALL Training Plans

3. Four Prerequisite Movements to Assess a Lifters Readiness for Weightlifting
Front Squat
Snatch Grip DL
Strict Press

4. Three Things Needed to be a Good Weightlifter
Good Shoes
Know how-to Hook Grip
Squat A LOT.

5. Athletes who fail to progress gradually, do not take the time or effort to learn proper technique, and/or who overtrain their bodies consistently are subject to injuries that can both threaten an athlete’s health and hamper progress significantly.

6. Weightlifting is a Vertical Sport.

7. The Universal Posture of Weightlifting
Neutral spine
Head neutral w/ forward gaze

8. Starting Position of both the Snatch & Clean
Arms straight w/ elbow pits facing torso
Shoulders over or slightly in front of bar
BB close to shins
Feet are hip width with toes out 10-15 degrees

9. You MUST Hit the “Power Position”

10. The Back Squat is the King of Leg Strengthening Exercises.