Shoulder Activation Plan


Shoulder Activation Plan

Be Proactive…

That’s the name of the game when it comes to living a lifestyle of health & fitness.

The cool part about a muscle activation plan is that it can be used to 1) prevent future injury and/or 2) rehab a current injury.

Checkout some of our go-to shoulder activation exercises – this is Coach Janelle’s personal plan ?

“Best case scenario is that you do some stretches and lax ball upper body work to open up the chest and lats before these activation exercises. Do these ideally before fitness to make sure the important baby muscles are doing their jobs and are ready for fitness 🙂

I follow a Day 1 and Day 2 plan just to make sure I am changing it up. I do 3 rounds of these activations like a circuit with 1 minute rest in between rounds. The Day 2 series can also be done at home since it doesn’t require any equipment other than a wall and the floor.”