Rest is for the weak…or is it?


Rest is for the weak…or is it?

Ever have this conversation with yourself the day after a hard training session?

  • 6:00am: The Wake Up – “No way I’m working out today.”
  • 9:00am: The Info – “Man todays CF workout looks fun.”
  • 12:00pm: The Question – “Do I really need a day off?”
  • 3:00pm: The FOMO – “I can’t take today off, all my friends are working out.”
  • 5:00pm: The F*ck It – “Time to crush this workout.”
  • 8:00pm: The Regret – “I should of taken this day off – my body hurts.”

If you’re like me, you love the fitness. And sometimes it’s hard to grasp that taking an “Off” day isn’t goingto ruin your GAINZ.

In fact, rest days are SUPER important and – when planned appropriately – positively influence your fitness.

  1. They give your body time to repair.
  2. They give your mind time to refocus & recharge.
  3. They help prevent injury.

You may be saying, “there’s only one problem…working out is

my sanity and if I don’t hit it today, my head

is going to explode, my anxiety is gonna go through the roof, and I’m going to fall into mental funk.”

If this is you active recovery workouts will be your best friend.

“Active Recovery” focuses on completing a workout that is low intensity, often limited to bodyweight movements, doesn’t stress the body, and starts/ends with mobility work. This type of workout aid

s recovery by increasing blood flow and moving joints through full ranges of motions – all while keeping the head at bay on your rest day.

This can be done a couple of ways and here are some examples to try:

  • Complete the scheduled workout at a lower intensity by picking lighter weights (ex. instead of your typical 135# clean, use 105#).
  • Complete the scheduled workout at a lower intensity by picking a different movement (ex. instead of your typical pull-up, ring row).
  • Make up a workout that allows you to move without the stress of beating a time with majority bodyweight movements. (ex. 15 min warm-up, 5 Rounds E90S 3 pull-ups/6 push-ups/9 air squats, 15 min mobility).
  • Long-Slow-Distance (LSD). Pick a cardio machine (rower, ski erg, assault bike, etc.) and complete an allotted time at a low intensity.

So if you want to be a badass, lift a lot of weights, and move things fast, learn to recover and watch your results go through the roof.

Happy Training!

P.S. Full rest days (minus active recovery) are sometimes needed. But both forms of rest days are important for your success and longevity in fitness. Find YOUR balance.

Byron #teamjugfit