Practice (Allen Iverson Voice)


Practice (Allen Iverson Voice)

“We’re talkin’ bout’ practice. Practice. Not the game. We’re talkin’ bout’ practice.”

The famous words of Allen Iverson after being asked about missing practice. IF you’re not familiar, check it out HERE.

Iverson is a prime example of an athlete that relied more on his talent than on his work ethic. It makes you wonder…what would Allen Iverson have been if he took practice as seriously as he took the game? Maybe one of the greatest to play the game? Maybe the catalyst to winning a championship?

All this is left to speculation, but I do know one thing, he would have been BETTER.

Don’t get me wrong, Iverson is one of my favorite athletes of all time; I wore his shoes for years! But practice is one of the most important components of “getting better”.

So why are we talking about practice?

Leading a healthy lifestyle & performing functional fitness are skills and skills must be practiced.

Everything from preparing well balanced meals to conquering the complex movement of the Snatch requires a certain amount of practice to create the type of lifestyle AND/OR the body you want.

If there is an exercise or lifestyle habit you can’t quite do yet, use your resources, gather information and tools to get better, and PRACTICE.

You, as a human being, will always have a weak link.

I want to challenge you to identify that weak link, practice, make it strong, identify another weak link, and repeat the process over and over again. This is our definition of GROWTH, and it should be done over an entire lifetime.

IF you keep this theory in mind, you’ll go to sleep every night thinking, “I got better today!”

For current Bluprint Athletes: use open gym times/skill sessions to practice skills you want to get better at and ask as many questions as you can on exercise & lifestyle. Be a sponge and learn from the Bluprint coaches and your peers. Chances are, there is someone you know who has conquered what you are trying to conquer at the moment.

For future Bluprint Athletes: YOU have the ability to change your lifestyle and embark on the journey to continually improve. Next step is finding the resources to do so and we’ve got a lot here at Bluprint Fitness.

We’re talkin bout’ PRACTICE!