How to Navigate Injury and Stay on Track


How to Navigate Injury and Stay on Track

In this blog, we are talking all about how to navigate injury, big or small, and stay on track during your recovery.

If you are active, you have a profession that requires long periods of sitting, or you’re above the age of 25, you’ll probably have to navigate an injury at some point.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, we are not super-humans. And injury, at some point, will probably show its unwanted head during your life journey. So when it does, I want you to be prepared to tackle the challenge and come out on the other side better than ever.

So here are 3 tips to stay on track while navigating injury:

#1 Stay Active

Staying active while being smart about exercise choices is my #1 tip. There are infinite benefits to staying active, but let’s highlight a few very important ones during the injury recovery phase.

  • Improved Mental Health which will improve your mood during recovery. 
  • Increased Circulation which can speed up recovery.
  • Muscle Preservation which keeps you strong during and after recovery.
  • Body Fat Regulation which keeps you on track towards your goals.

If you aren’t sure what exercises to do during your recovery, find professionals who can help. At Bluprint Fitness, the coaching team is trained to put athletes in the best positions to succeed, even during the recovery phase of injury.

#2 Stay Committed To Your Recovery

The more consistent you are with your rehab exercises and your recovery techniques, the faster your recovery process will be. Not only will this commitment speed up your recovery, but it will also make you stronger than you were prior to the injury. Put your hard hat on, get to work, and do it consistently.

#3 Dial In You Nutrition

There is no better time to put a bigger emphasis on your nutrition than when you are recovering from an injury. This will not only improve your body’s ability to recover, but will also help create a healthy and happy relationship with food. Ask your friends for some fun recipes, download a food tracking app, and start to learn more about creating a balanced approach to nutrition that’s unique to you.

Bluprint Fitness is a coaching program that helps busy professionals build the body and lifestyle they’re proud of year round.

And part of the program is educating our athletes on how to reach their goals regardless of circumstances, challenges, or barriers.

So if you, or anyone you know wants to create some healthy habits and reach goals, fill out our online form HERE and we’ll help guide you towards your best self.

Hope everyone is having a great week and GO WIN THE DAY!

Coach Byron