Good Old Fashion Hard Work


Good Old Fashion Hard Work

If I were to ask you, “what’s the difference between the programs that the Bluprint coaches follow vs. the programs that the Bluprint athletes follow?”

What would be your answer?

We are one of the few gyms that are lucky enough to say that our coaches actually follow our programming.

A question that I’ve heard more than once…

“Yeah BUT, how many times a day are you working out?”

My answer is always the same…” I do the same workouts you do 4 times a week and one
day is dedicated to basic skill practice.” Currently skill practice is snatch technique or ring muscle ups (a vast progression from where I started 3 years ago).

This brings me to one main point:

Your success and failures are not determined by your job, your lack of traditional cardio, specific programming, or coaches “holding you back” from your goals – It’s YOU and YOUR choices.

We ALL do the same programming as athletes and coaches. The coaches are athletes just like you. So why are there such differing results from individual to individual doing the same programs?

The programming is ONE of the only things we can control for you at Bluprint Fitness. What we can’t control, we try to influence… aka what you do when you aren’t here. How much you are sleeping, how you talk to yourself, what you eat, what you drink, how much you mobilize, how much you practice skills…you get my point.

Time to man (or woman) up and take some responsibility. If you want to see awesome results YOU have to DECIDE that you WANT to. Take care of yourself. Be real with yourself. Stop making excuses. Put in WORK inside and outside of the gym to optimize your results.

There is no magic pill just good old fashioned hard work.

Coach Janelle