Ginga’s Murph Training 2017


Ginga’s Murph Training 2017

For my athletes participating in the Murph Training Program over the next 6 weeks – These are my scheduling TIPS:

  1. It is only 6 weeks, so be realistic when trying to fit these additional workouts into your schedule.
    It is likely not feasible to just ADD these on top of all the workouts you are doing already. Pulling double workouts can actually create diminishing returns and lead to over-use tweaks and injuries.
  2. Here is my plan for fitting them into my schedule. I usually do some type of skill work on Tuesday so using a Murph training workout as my conditioning portion works well here. Saturday is another day I like to work on skills or lifts and a day that I have more time on my hands so I plan to incorporate the 2nd Murph training workout as the conditioning on this day.
  3. Tentatively My Schedule Will Be:

Monday- CrossFit

Tuesday- Skill Work + Murph Training Workout (OPEN GYM)

Wednesday- CrossFit

Thursday- CrossFit (80% based on how I am feeling with training volume)

Friday- OFF/Active Recovery Mobility Work

Saturday- Skill Work + Murph Training Workout (OPEN GYM)

Sunday- OFF/Active Recovery Yoga

**Based on the workouts planned for the week some adjustments to this schedule will need to be made to ensure proper recovery. Check out the Bluprint Week Training Schedule to plan your weekly schedule out appropriately. Remember MORE is not always better if you are unable to adequately recover from your training stimulus you are actually getting weaker rather than getting stronger. There will be overlapping movements in certain workouts so keep that in mind and be willing to adapt your Murph Training as needed to avoid over-kill. If you need help scheduling ask a coach!