Dear Thrusters


Dear Thrusters

Dear Thrusters, 


You know I don’t like you…and obviously you don’t like me.


I wish we could just get along!


For a while now I have been trying to think about why we don’t get along.


It could be:


1. The distance you make me travel from the bottom of the squat to the lock out of the Press with my lanky arms.

2. You are always too light which makes me go faster than normal.

3. OR that you give me little to no time to breathe between any reps (my own fault).


You are two movements in one. Who does that? 


And let’s not forget that you are always paired with another inappropriate movement: Burpees, Burpees over the bar, Burpee box jump overs, etc. 


What’s really funny though is I love your related movements. I like front squats, I like push press, and I can get down on some wall balls. Personally, I’ll take any workout with thrusters, triple the reps, and do it with wall balls.


That’s how much I hate you. Sorry. 


However, I’ve made a promise to myself. I’m done ducking you. I’m done fearing every single workout you are in. And I am definitely done with the fact that you make movements that I am normally good at TERRIBLE. 


I say all this because I have come up with a solution. I’m going to do you. I’m going to do more of you. I’m going to increase my frequency of doing you.

Until your uncomfortableness no longer makes me uncomfortable. 


My goal is to do one “thruster” workout a week; which would be about twice as much as I do now. 


You should be scared. Very scared. If you’re not, just ask my other movements what happens when I “do” them. 


Love Selby