Bluprint Fitness – BPFIT


2 Min Row/Ride/Ski

90s Jumping Jack Tabata

PT/Air Squat/Basic Kip 2×10/10/10 (NR)


BLM Hero WOD – Ahmaud (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


Cash-In: 1-Mile Run

5 Strict Pull-Up (S1-RR/Jumping, S2-Kipping Chin, Rx-Strict Chin)

8 Burpee

25 Air Squat

*Rx+ 14/20 Vest

*Record Total Rds + Reps

In honor of Ahmaud Arbrey (Born 5/8/94) – an unarmed 25-year-old African-American man who was shot and killed near Brunswick in Glynn County, Georgia, while jogging. In the afternoon on February 23, 2020, Ahmaud Arbery was out for a jog in the coastal city of Brunswick. At one point, he entered the Satilla Shores neighbourhood. A neighbourhood resident, Gregory McMichael, told police he believed Arbery resembled the suspect in a series of local break-ins (police have said no reports were filed regarding these alleged break-ins). Gregory McMichael and his son, Travis, armed themselves with a pistol and a shotgun and pursued Arbery in a pickup truck through the neighbourhood. Once confronted, an altercation ensued and Arbery was shot two times in the chest and once grazing the inside of his wrist. The McMichaels were not arrested until 74 days after the killing once the video footage went viral.

Ahmaud Marquez Arbery, “Quez”, was born on May 8, 1994, in Brunswick Georgia. He was a loving son, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin, and friend. He was humble, kind and well mannered. He always made sure he never departed from his loved ones without an “I Love You”. He had a smile that would light up a room. He loved to tell jokes, to elicit laughter and had a beautiful personality. He enjoyed downtime with his family and friends. He loved sports; basketball and football were his top choices. He was quite the athlete and chose to wear the football jersey #21, which was passed down from his older brother, Marcus, Jr. Ahmaud was among the graduating class of 2012 at Brunswick High School. He later attended South Georgia Technical College in Americus, Georgia.

20 – year of death (2020)

1 Mile Run – signifies what Ahmaud was doing when stocked & killed.

5 – birth month (May)

8 – day of birth

25 – age at passi


Forearm Chest Opener (1 Min Each)

Pigeon Pose (1 Min Each)