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“I joined Byron and Janelle’s morning strength class a few months ago and man, have I seen improvements! I have continued to gain both strength and confidence in my body’s capabilities, as well as a ton of useful fitness and nutrition information along the way." - Casey Gunshel

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“I guess you could call me an original Bluprint athlete. Throughout the past months I have attended the wide variety of classes offered, ranging from Strength, Boot Camp, CrossFit, and most recently added Yoga!  With appropriate class sizes, there is personal interaction between coach and all Bluprint athletes." - Isabelle Gottschalk

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“As a couple, there are several things that really stand out about Bluprint to us. Like most couples, we tend to not work out the same way, so when we used to go to our former non-CrossFit standard gym, we'd split up and do our own things. At Bluprint, the classes are programmed to help everyone get a workout that's challenging but doable, consistent while varied, and absolutely effective." - Maria & Randall Kooistra

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Bluprint Fitness Class Schedule

  Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat  Sun
6am CrossFit Boot Camp CrossFit Boot Camp CrossFit    
7am Bluprint Strength CrossFit Bluprint Strength CrossFit Bluprint Strength    
7am Rowing   Rowing   Rowing    
9am           CrossFit Tag-Team WOD Boot Camp
10am           CrossFit Tag-Team WOD Boot Camp
11am           Oly Lifting  
12pm CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit  
1pm Open Gym   Open Gym   Open Gym Open Gym Yoga
5pm CrossFit Boot Camp CrossFit Boot Camp CrossFit    
6pm CrossFit Boot Camp Oly Lifting Boot Camp CrossFit    
7pm Oly Lifting CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit      



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