Bluprint Fitness is a great place to accomplish your health and fitness goals. Whether you are brand new or experienced, the owner, Byron, will guide you through a program that is right for you. Bluprint offers a variety of group classes such as CrossFit, Boot Camp, Indoor Rowing, Strength Training, and Yoga which can be combined in various ways to create programs that can target strength, endurance, competitive rowing, or weightlifting technique.

They really put an emphasis on proper movement patterns to avoid injury, while progressively increasing intensity and weight. In addition, to physical exercise the coaches at Bluprint will show you that fitness is not just about putting time in at the gym. Coach Janelle stresses the importance of proper nutrition and will guide members down a path that is appropriate for their lifestyle.

The coaches here lead by example and create a fun, safe, and motivating environment to fulfill your fitness goals. I believe the coaches at Bluprint are setting positive standards within the fitness industry that will lead to safer, smarter training methods while achieving incredible results. I highly recommend this gym.

Arun Heer