Facility Investment Program

What Is It?

As a staff, we are constantly assessing the athlete experience and how we can create the best gym atmosphere centered around fun, community, and results.

  • Innovative Programming
  • Maintaining a Clean Facility
  • Industry Leading Coaching
  • Community Outings & Gatherings
  • Real Feedback Methods
  • Awesome Community of Go-Getters
  • Just a few of the things that make Bluprint Fitness what it is today.

The Facility Investment Program is a semi-annual (January & July) membership cost of $25 that goes directly and completely to facility improvements (aka equipment). 80% goes towards new equipment and 20% is put aside to fix/replace broken equipment. 

The Details

  • The Facility Investment Program will solely go towards gym equipment/facility improvements.
  • Every January/July the Bluprint coaching staff will put together a list of gym needs/wants. Athletes will receive a survey of 2-3 different equipment packages to vote on. Once the survey is complete, the equipment needs/wants voted on will be purchased.
  • The gym will be adding to the Facility Investment Program semi-annually as well, based on feasible budget numbers (TBD every January & July).
  • This is a FULL-DISCOSURE & TRANSPARENT program with all details being displayed for all to see.
  • This is part of ALL Bluprint memberships starting January 2017.

Why The Facility Investment Program?

As mentioned above, it’s our goal to create the best gym atmosphere for you, the athlete. In order for us to do that, we have to constantly innovate, constantly improve, and constantly plan for success. The Facility Investment Program is a small piece of the puzzle that enhances your gym environment.

To be responsible and plan for the future, we thoroughly discuss the “best” ways to do this with minimal impact on you, the athlete. Hours upon hours of discussions went on comparing the impacts of different options – ultimately deciding the Facility Investment Program was the best one!

In addition, we feel that this transparent program further enhances your ability to directly mold Bluprint Fitness into “Your Best Gym”!

As always, I am open to sitting down with anyone face-to-face to discuss this program in more detail and/or take suggestions on what you think should be on the gym needs/wants list.

We really appreciate this community and how everyone works together towards the common goal of getting better daily and we hope you call Bluprint “Your Best Gym” for a long time to come.

Coach Byron

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