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What Is Zone?

You know that feeling…

The one when you are in the middle of an awesome workout and all you can see is the finish line. You start to think about your goals and why you are working you’re ass off to reach it.

You’re In The Zone.

Zone at Bluprint Fitness is a workout program known for its calorie burning workouts, ability to make you sweat, and a positive atmosphere.

This cardio-focused class is for all levels of athletes and uses bodyweight movements, kettle bells, dumbbells and medicine balls to create a program that helps get you in awesome shape!

Tabatas, Interval Weight Training, AMRAPs, 45/15 Circuits, and a bunch of other routines will keep your body and mind entertained while you crush your health & fitness goals!

What Makes Zone Different?
  • It works…for dropping body fat.
  • It works…for getting stronger & faster.
  • High-energy atmosphere.
  • Benchmark workouts that allow you to compete against your old self.
  • Industry leading certified trainers leading your class.
  • Fun & positive environment for all levels.


  1. ZD40
  2. ZD30
  3. ZD20
  4. ZEMOM
  5. Zone Cardio Party
  6. Zone Calorie Burn
  7. Lucky 7’s
  8. MB Madness

“What gets measured, gets managed.” – Peter Drucker

Not only does the Zone program keep track of your body fat measurements, we’ll also keep track of your performance along the way. With gym software, you’re able to track your workout results and compete against your old self. While you’ll do plenty of fun and challenging workouts, the benchmarks below will be your main performance measures.

Each cycle (4-6 weeks) we’ll be working towards improving one of the benchmarks below. In week 1, we’ll introduce you to the benchmark workout and establish your baseline. The last week of the cycle, we’ll jump back into that same workout and see how you compare against your old self.

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