Nico Nelson – March 2022

Nico Nelson – March 2022


How long have you been part of the BluCru?

Since March of 2021.

What was the problem you were having before you discovered Bluprint?

I was lacking purpose and depression which put me in a rut. 

Take us to the moment you realized what you were now doing was working.

Once I realized I was lacking purpose I decided to figure out what caused my wait to be stagnant while during the process of me changing my eating habits. Once I figured the answer to my question and I soon had to deal with those issues and still working on them. 

What is your biggest accomplishment at Bluprint? I have a few accomplishments!

I can now do double-unders, not continuously, but I’m on my way! The fact that I can run the 400m without being  feeling too exhausted is an accomplishment b/c I hate running. I prefer biking. I participated in the CF Open, which kicked my ass! My mental health has improved after being in this pandemic.

What is your favorite thing to do at Bluprint?

Box jumps, kettlebell swings, wall walks, planks (which its been awhile coach since we’ve done these), and SQUATS!!!!

What keeps you coming back to Bluprint?

The culture, the coaches were amazing when I inquired about the gym. Janelle and I had an amazing conversation about plants and coach Hilary & Selby were absolutely amazing. My deadlifts improved b/c Coach Selby helped me with my form. I’d sometimes feel a pinch in my back.

What would you tell someone considering joining?

It’s one of the best CF gyms in Chicago. You’re not joining a gym, you’re getting a family! 

What do you do for fun?

Cook, read, travel, skate and learning a new skill.

What’s your favorite food?


Coach’s Comments

Shout out to Nico for earning AOTM for March! Since joining in March of 2021 he’s been smashing goals – he’s dropped over 6% body fat and lost over 30 pounds. Nico is a consistent member of the morning classes and is no stranger to the Committed Club. He recently PR’d his power clean at 170# and improved his back squat 3RM to 255#. It’s clear he is putting in work inside and outside the gym and has some serious results to show for it. When you see him around the gym make sure to congratulate Nico on all his hard work & consistency!