Meghann DeMarchi – February 2022

Meghann DeMarchi – February 2022


How long have you been part of the BluCru?

I joined April 2021, so almost one year!

What was the problem you were having before you discovered Bluprint?

Prior to the pandemic, I had been working out consistently at Orange Theory 4-5 days a week. However, as we all know, the gyms closed, and therefore I hopped on the Peleton bandwagon. While I enjoyed the Peleton classes, I didn’t feel I was getting as intense of a workout. Inconsistent work-outs coupled with stress of working in a hospital during the pandemic led to unhealthy habits and weight gain (e.g. not watching what I’m eating, more frequent alcohol intake). In January 2021, we had a few family losses and I really hit a low point. I realized I needed to change something as the place I was in was not good for my mental health or physical health.

Take us to the moment you realized what you were now doing was working.

The moment I realized that what I was doing was working was when I got my measurements back after my first 6 weeks. I had been feeling good about my progress with barbell movements and the conditioning workouts in class; however, to see the numbers on paper is what really did it for me.

What is your biggest accomplishment at Bluprint?

Winning SOGO (Bluprint’s Semi-Annual Accountability Challenge) ?

What is your favorite thing to do at Bluprint?

I love working on improving specific movements every Wednesday.

What keeps you coming back to Bluprint?

The diversity of workouts, excellent coaches, supportive community/other athletes, and all my GAINZ!

What would you tell someone considering joining?

Just dive in, you won’t regret it!

What do you do for fun?

Spend time with family, read, and explore new breweries

What’s your favorite food?


Coach’s Comments

Congratulations to Meghann for being named February’s AOTM! Meghann joined Bluprint in April 2021 and has made amazing progress since joining. She has lost over 8% body fat, dropped 14+ pounds of fat mass, and earned 10 pounds of lean mass !

She was a consistent member of the 4:30pm class who switched to mornings (because she’s a no excuse type of person) and always brings positive energy and a coachable attitude with her to class. Her barbell movements and strength continue to progress recently hitting her 3RM Back Squat at 115#. She is working on getting outside her comfort zone with gymnastics (she crushed her first abbreviated wall walks in the CF Open 22.1 workout) and you can always count on her consistent grind on those cardio machines.

We are excited to watch Meghann continue to make progress towards her goals! When you see her around the gym make sure to congratulate her on all her hard work & consistency!