Kira Hooks – July 2022

Kira Hooks – July 2022


How long have you been part of the BluCru?

I joined February 2022 

What was the problem you were having before you discovered Bluprint?

I wanted to find a workout that allowed me to consistently feel good. Up until Bluprint my workouts were 45+ and primarily HIIT based. And while I was burning a ton of calories, I wasn’t seeing the impact to my body nor feeling as good as I knew I should given how much time & energy I was spending working out. In joining Bluprint, I wanted to find a workout that was efficient and effective.

Take us to the moment you realized what you were now doing was working.

About 3 months in, I was no longer stressed about counting calories or worried that I wasn’t burning enough to enjoy a “cheat” meal. Instead, I was feeling strong and fit and focused on eating foods that helped me fuel the new muscle I gained.

What is your biggest accomplishment at Bluprint?

Completing Murph!

What is your favorite thing to do at Bluprint?

Recently we did a wall walk + dead lift + RRS partner workout that kicked my butt and was a blast! I love the workouts that combine lifting heavy + cardio.

What keeps you coming back to Bluprint?

The consistency I am able to achieve in how I look & more importantly feel.

What would you tell someone considering joining?

Don’t wait. I think many people, self included, are intimidated by the sound of cross fit. Looking back, I wish I had started my crossfit journey sooner. For those considering joining, jump in feet first! The workouts are 10x more effective & efficient than anything I could have programmed (or 1-off class I could have attended) on my own. 

What do you do for fun?

I love enjoying the Chicago restaurant scene & watching a good movie or show.

What’s your favorite food?


Coach’s Comments

Shout out to Kira for earning July’s Athlete Of The Month! Since joining the gym in February she really hit the ground running, jumping right into Murph training! She is super coachable and eager to learn! She has already mastered DUBS, is developing her kipping movements on the rig, and can really move with weight on the bar. She hit 165 on the back squat, 175 on the sump DL, and 215 on the traditional DL. When you see Kira in the gym, make sure to congratulate her on all her hard work!