Dylan Pflughaupt

Dylan Pflughaupt


I grew up playing football, baseball, and wrestling for 10 years. Strength training and conditioning was a major part of my childhood and that continued when I left for the Marine Corps shortly after high school. I served over 8 years in the Marine Corps. During that time, I earned my black belt and was certified as a Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor. Fitness was a huge part of my daily life as a Marine, and I was fortunate enough to be introduced to CrossFit
while living in California.

After leaving the Marine Corps and moving to Chicago in 2022, I needed a new gym and routine that fit in with my new life as a busy business professional/student. Bluprint Fitness exceeded all my standards and expectations for a gym. The BluCru welcomed me in with open arms and Bluprint’s scheduled programming and classes are designed to fit anyone’s busy schedule. I found my Fit-Fam at Bluprint, and I believe you will find yours here too!


  • Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor