Danny Jankiewicz – December 2020

Danny Jankiewicz – December 2020


How long have you been part of the BluCru?

Almost a year now, since February 2020!

What was the problem you were having before you discovered Bluprint?

I was in okay shape, doing some fitness on my own, mostly running and working out with kettlebells at home, but I had no plan or roadmap that was going to get me out of the plateau I found myself in and get me to where I wanted to be. I was really looking for more structure, accountability, and coaching which Bluprint does an amazing job with.

Take us to the moment you realized what you were now doing was working.

Probably not even a month later, I started noticing physical differences, but the quality of my mental health improved as well. I think I’ve had another breakthrough within the last couple of months. Prior to Bluprint, I would never have considered myself a “strong person”, but I’m beginning to see myself in a different light now.

What is your biggest accomplishment at Bluprint?

Honestly, it might have been sticking with the RemoteGAINZ program when the gym closed and everything had to be moved to zoom. I JUST finished my on-ramp program and was ready to go into full fledged classes when the pandemic shut everything down. I think I could have easily quit or gave up then, but I stuck with it and when in-person classes came back, it made it very easy to transition back into those.

What is your favorite thing to do at Bluprint?

I love bodyweight and gymnastic movements and any workout that involves running. However, I’m learning to love the barbell too, when you perform a movement correctly and the weight moves effortlessly (or more efficiently at least!), it’s an awesome feeling! Also, shoutout to partner WODs – grinding through a workout with a buddy is always a good time!

What keeps you coming back to Bluprint?

There’s always something new to learn/improve on! I enjoy pushing myself to be better in and outside the gym. Hearing positive feedback from the coaches or other members when you’ve made a breakthrough on a certain movement is always great too!

What would you tell someone considering joining?

To all my other introverted/socially anxious peeps – if thinking about working out in a group setting makes your palms sweaty and panic begins to set it in, hear me out. The environment that Byron, Janelle and all the other coaches have created at Bluprint is so welcoming and supportive. If you’ve read any other reviews you can see it really is a great community of people!

Also, there’s athletes of all skill levels here. Everything can be scaled and tailored to your current fitness level. I remember when I walked in the door for my first one-on-one with Janelle and I saw people slinging barbells around, doing things I’ve never seen before, my anxiety almost turned me right around to walk out of there. I’m REALLY glad Janelle noticed me before I could. Bluprint has been incredible for my physical and mental health.

What do you do for fun?

I love playing music and going to see shows (I’ve missed this in 2020 more than anything else). I also like to travel (actually,I might miss this more) and play golf (not well)!

What’s your favorite food?


Coach’s Comments

Shout out to Danny J for crushing goals in 2020 and being named Athlete-of-the-Month. Since joining Bluprint in February 2020, Danny has been nothing but consistent, coachable, and always up for the challenge. As we all know, joining right before the quarantine hit must have been a little intimidating, but Danny stuck with us completing the RemoteGAINZ workouts and immersing himself back into the in-person workouts once we were back in action. He completed his first Murph training program and went on to crush Murph with his newly developed kipping pull-ups! Most recently Danny has been working on stringing his Toes-2-Bar and fine tuning his clean technique and the progress shows in workouts! We are so excited to see what 2021 holds for Danny – makes sure when you see him around the gym, you congratulate him on all his hard work!