Cate Doman – January 2017

Cate Doman – January 2017


How long have you been part of the BluCru?

May 2016

What is your biggest accomplishment at Bluprint?

Climbing the rope! Being from the Midwest we always had to do the Presidential Fitness test in grade school (literally the worst). Not once was I EVER able to climb that darn rope, nor did I ever think that in my adult life that would have the chance to learn how. Well, I did it and there is video evidence to prove it! I wanted to send it to my 4th grade gym teacher but all my family and friends had to suffice.

What keeps you coming back to Bluprint Fitness?

The supportive atmosphere! In previous gyms I have attended, I never got a sense of community or support from fellow athletes. At Bluprint, familiar, friendly faces cheer me on, give me advice, and push me to achieve my goals. Building friendships both in the gym and out of the gym is important and Bluprint provides an avenue to do just that. Through social events, gym challenges, and potluck diners/happy hours,  Bluprint as linked me with individuals who live a healthy lifestyle while still having fun!

What is your favorite thing to do at BP Fitness?

I have two favorite things. First off is getting my dog fix. There is nothing better than walking in the door and being greeted by the cutest dog ever, Bacon!

Second would be just to feel strong. As a female I think this is overlooked in our culture. It gives me pride and a sense of accomplishment to know that I can lift something heavy successfully and safely. I have a long way to go, but the feeling of just getting started is exciting and I am up for the challenge!

What would you tell someone considering joining?

Do It. I will admit that I was reluctant to try cross fit when I first joined Bluprint. I had heard horror stories of people pushing themselves too hard leading to serious, life altering injuries. However this was not my experience AT ALL when joining. First off, Bluprint is committed to keeping athletes healthy and safe. Training Camp was a great way to introduce me to many of the movements and allow me a space to practice prior to attending my first CrossFit class. Second, Bluprint caters to athletes of all levels. It is amazing to work out side by side with athletes of all shapes, sizes, ages, genders etc because Bluprint provides the optimal, just right challenge for each person. Even if I am doing a scaled part of the workout, I never feel like I have achieved less than someone who chosen a higher weight, or was able to complete more reps that me. Lastly, the coaches, Byron, Janelle, Selby and Pat provide a fun and supportive community to work towards and achieve your goals!

What do you do for fun?

I try to keep active even when having fun, I love to ride my bike, indoor and beach volleyball and play with my nephew. I have a great group of friends who get together weekly for our guilty pleasure of The Bachelor or Bachelorette television show. We trade off cooking each week and it gives us the chance to try out new recipes! I have two siblings that live here in the city as well, so we see each other often for family dinners.

Coach’s Comments

Cate was an All-Star when she started and continually steps up her game nutritionally and physically. She just rocked out the HoliGAINZ program losing 2.79% Body Fat (increasing lean mass by 3.06 pounds and decreasing fat mass by 5.66 pounds!). Cate also participated in her first Trodo Competition in January and finished the Trodo Bear Complex at 115 pounds! We are excited to see what crazy cool things Cate accomplishes in 2017. Thanks for being awesome! #GirlStrongAF

Instagram: @cdoman18