Injury Recovery Program


At Bluprint Fitness we strive to provide the BEST level of service to athletes of all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities. The SIR Program is a methodical and safe way to get athletes back to desired levels of health & fitness following sickness or injury. There are multiple tracks to get back to where athletes want to be and these are the ways we’ve experienced work best.

Below are the general categories of injury/sickness.

CAT 1: Advanced Injury/Sickness
Major Surgery (Including Cosmetic & C-Section Birth)

CAT 2: Intermediate Injury/Sickness
Minor Surgery (Wisdom Teeth or Anything Requiring Anesthesia)
Muscle Tear
Post-Partum (non C-Section)

CAT 3: Minor Injury/Sickness
Joint Sprain & Muscle Strain/Spasms
Sickness That Requires Medicine (FLU, Bronchitis, etc.)

Each category above is accompanied by a recommended track to get athletes back to desired levels of health & fitness. Most common tracks and recommendations are listed below.

Track 1 (CAT1/CAT2)
Doctor’s Clearance
Completed Required Physical Therapy
4-8 Weeks of 2-3x/week 1-on-1 Personal Training
Required 4-8 Week Daily Food/Feeling Log
Required Blood Work/Doctor Check-Up (TBD Frequency)

Track 2 (CAT2/CAT3)
Doctor’s Clearance
Completed Required Physical Therapy
Possible (TBD based on severity) 1-on-1 or Training Camp Reset (2-4 Weeks)
Consistent Communication & Coachability
Required Daily Mobility

Track 1

$60/Session: 8-12 Sessions PT ($480-$720)
* Includes Food/Feeling Log Reviews + Open Gym

Track 2

$60/Session: 4-8 Sessions PT ($240-$480)
4-Week PT/Training Camp Hybrid ($245-$365)
Training Camp ($125)

Note: If more sessions are needed after completing the above sessions to insure proper progression back into classes, a 10% discount will be applied to added sessions.


Athletes coming back from a notable sickness/injury will follow one of the tracks above to get back to a desired level of health & fitness. Which track is followed is solely determined by the Bluprint Coach based on the severity of the sickness/injury and the athlete’s current level of health and fitness. Athletes are required to follow ALL of the above requirements to remain eligible for the program. If at any point, the athlete’s compliance becomes questionable, he/she may be excused from the SIR Program.

This is an ever-evolving program with science and experience and we welcome all feedback.